Inside or outside your home, American Tile & Stone provides the most pleasing selection of ceramic tile, natural stone, and pavers available to meet your every desire.

Our tile is the material of choice for high-traffic areas like kitchen and bath, for high-design areas like entries and living areas, and for high-details areas like countertops and all the places where decorative accents complete your design. Outdoors, on walks and patios, and around pools, American Tile & Stone's product lines have the character and durability that you want.

But residential tile offers far more than mere versatility and durability. Tile is also a material that offers great lifetime value, through economical installation and long-term low maintenance. Whatever look is your goal--warm and subtle, bright and bold, romantic, or crisp and clean-- American Tile & Stone has what you need, in traditional tile and newer metallic and tumbled colors, patterns, and textures.

American Tile & Stone gives you one more benefit that other suppliers just cannot match: our staff's expertise and helpful guidance. As you visit the photo gallery in our virtual showroom or visit one of our physical locations, you can be assured that an American Tile & Stone professional is ready to assist you with design and installation suggestions and care and maintenance details, as well as costs. Please click through to view an exciting range of room settings and tile samples. We think you’ll find exactly what you want to achieve your look, express your style, and complete your home.